Welcome to the online guide for Options Registration Exercise for Secondary 3

Please read through all pages carefully before logging onto the online portal.

It is important to note the following when selecting the Special Programmes:

(i) Students should be guided by own interests and learning inclinations when making a choice for Special Programmes.
(ii) Each student can be enrolled for only 1 Special Programme.

The online Options Exercise period is from 28 Aug - 13 Sep 17 (1700h).

Please log on to the school's ISP portal and exercise your option early, do not wait till the last minute.

Should you have any queries further to those posted on the FAQ, please email Mr Justin Loh (lohsj@hci.edu.sg) or Dr Chia Hui Peng (harhp@hci.edu.sg).

Should you experience any technical difficulties during the application, please call Mr Selva at 64665912 (during office hours) or email selva@hci.edu.sg .

The information here was last updated on 1 July 17.