Assessment Modes for Sec 3

The assessment grading system is similar to Lower Secondary's. (A1 to F9).

Academic Assessments
Scholastic Assessments
Learning Tasks
Class and/or Common Tests
Final Exams
Oral Communications

Independent Studies

10 %
Oral Participation

(Higher Chinese 10%

Best 3 subjects 30%)

Project Work

Current Affairs

Current Affairs


Students in Special Programmes must complete a Research Project in the relevant discipline. The grade of the research project will be indicated in the report card but will only be computed in the overall EOY MSG if A1 is obtained.

SMTP students have to take an additional examination per Math and Science subject offered (known as the Higher Papers). The grades of the Higher Papers will be indicated in the report card but will not be computed in the overall EOY MSG.

Promotion Criteria for Upper Secondary

Oral Communications Criteria
Independent Studies Criteria
Sec 3
S3-SIP MSG (Academic) ≤ 4.00
S3-IP MSG (Academic) < 3.00
(Plus pass in both languages)
Sec 4
MSG (Academic) ≤ 3.00 (Plus pass in both languages)
To take the expanded curriculum, MSG (Academic) ≤ 2.50, AND scoring B3 or better for the H2 A Level subjects to be offered in college.

MSG (2L5R) refers to the mean subject grade computed based on grades of 2 languages and 5 relevant subjects as follows:
Language 1: English Language
Language 2: Higher Chinese
Relevant subject 1 & 2: Integrated Mathematics (2 academic units subject)
Relevant subject 3: One Humanities subject (IHC, IHE, Geography, History or Literature)
Relevant subject 4: One Science subject (Biology, Chemistry or Physics)
Relevant subject 5: One remaining subject (may include AEP, 3rd Language)