Q: What if I cannot access the portal / registration is unsuccessful before the end of the registration period?

A: All students are advised to register once they obtain their final results. Please approach Mr Selva at the High School Staff Reception if you cannot complete your registration online.
Mr Selva's email is selva@hc.edu.sg and the telephone number for the office is 64665912.

Q: What if I did not register (without a valid reason) during the time period?

A: You would be allocated the IP stream, with your HE randomly allocated according to availability.

Q: What if I clicked on a wrong choice? Can I change it?

A: Students are reminded to make their selections after careful consideration and consultation with parents.
However, should there be a pressing need to change the option exercised and submitted, please contact Mr Selva via email selva@hc.edu.sg or in person
at the High School Staff Reception before the closing date of application.

Q: What if I did not register for HE / Biology? Can I opt for it at a later date?

A: No. Your HE would be randomly allocated according to availability.
Once you have missed the Biology registration, you would not be able to take up Biology in High School.

Q: How do I buy textbooks if I do not know my academic programme and HE for 2018?

A: There is no rush to buy textbooks based on the dates given by the bookshop vendor. However, if you choose to, you may buy all the books that are common across all the programmes (and buy those programme/HE specific books after the release of the allocation/appeal results).

Q: How do I submit an Appeal Application (for Biology / Special Programmes)? Do I need to submit any documents?

A: If you are not allocated Special Programme / Biology / LC and still wish to appeal for it, please write to Dr Chia Hui Peng (harhp@hci.edu.sg) and briefly explain why should you be re-considered.