Q: To qualify for SMTP, is it really necessary for me to score A1 for both Math and Science? What if my MSG is 1.43 but I had scored A1 for Science but A2 for Math. Will I stand a chance of getting into SMTP? In the event that I am rejected for SMTP , how may I go about with the appeal? What are the documents required?

A: That is the eligibility requirement set. A student first gains entry into a Special Programme before gaining entry into CSE.
A student as such may be called up for a short interview to determine his suitability for the Special Programme. At the current moment, there is neither a need to submit any documents nor ask your subject teachers to write recommendation letters.

Q: Do students who opt for the HP have priorty if they apply for enrolment into HP in JC 1? Does this apply to students who apply for SMTP at JC1 too?

A: No they do not. All Special Programme students have to re-apply to get into the corresponding programme at college level.
In the 2 years as a Special Programme student, the student would be offered many opportunities to engage in activities related to the Special Programme subjects etc, which would enhance his portfolio relative to his peers who may/do not have such opportunities. The enhanced portfolio would put him in better standing when he is applying for the corresponding programme at college level. Having said that, a student who does not perform in his 2 years in the special programme would lose out comparatively should he also apply.

Q: What if a student fails to cope with a Special Programme due to unforeseen circumstances, will he be transferred to the "O" level path at the end of Sec 3?

A: That will depend on his performance at the EOY and any re-exams. He may be transferred to the IP or O-Level track.

Q: For students taking Special Programmes, do they have to bring their personal laptops during lessons or will they be provided by the school?

A: It would be most convenient if the student has a notebook computer. Otherwise there should be ample desktops and notebooks (for loan) at our computer labs and library.

Q: Should students who are allocated HP or BSP offer Biology?
A: No, because the workload will be extremely heavy.

Q: Some students would like to take up Biology if they are not enrolled in a special programme. Should these students opt for Biology during the option exercise?
A: Yes.

Q: How will applying for a special programme affect the allocation of my IHE, especially if my application was rejected?
A: In short, it will NOT be affected. If you applied for a Special programme and you were not accepted in the first round, your application for IHE will be processed together with all the other students who are in IP. Allocation for IHE is based on merit (of the IH subject grade in Sec 2), choice and vacancies.

However, if you were allocated a special programme and subsequently, during the appeals window period decide that you do not wish to offer the Special Programme in Sec 3, you will be placed back into the IP student pool. Your IHE will then be allocated based on your merit (relative to other students in the same situation) and choice to the left-over vacancies (if any).