Social Economics Studies (SES) Elective

This elective is only offered to CSE-SMTP students.

This elective is a comparative study which explores the cultural and societies’ similarities and differences between America and China, two extremely influential players on our global stage today. Drawing inspiration from Harvard Business School’s case study approach, students will partake in the analysis of the management and corporate culture of prominent companies like Google, Apple and Lenovo to extrapolate the defining traits of American and Chinese societies. Other case studies include the workings and management of factories in China and America to aid students in making sense of the economic prowess of America and China and the impact on these two societies. In addition, SES will also explore the role of Singapore's economy in this dynamic economic climate.

This is an elective which encourages multiple interpretations and perspectives and students can look forward to rigorous and fruitful class discussions, which inevitably require students to conscientiously prepare for class by completing the essential preparatory materials (newspaper articles, editorials, documentaries, music videos) and conducting independent research.