General Process for Option Exercise

All Secondary 2 students are required to go through this option exercise (even if you do not wish to apply for Special Programmes).

During the option exercise, you have to indicate the following:

1. Application for Special Programme & CSE
Whether you wish to apply for a Special Programme (and which programme).

2. Choice of Humanities Elective (HE), and Biology or Literature in Chinese (LC) as an additional subject
All students would have to indicate their 1st to 6th choice of HE and additional subject.

Students who are applying for HP or SMTP must also indicate their HE option (in case your application for HP or SMTP is unsuccessful) and for students taking re-examination.

Note: Students may be transferred to other consortia within the alliance due to HE or additional subject groupings.


Students who do not meet the selection criteria for Special Programmes would be alerted by the system that they do not fulfil the MSG requirements.
At this moment, the system would not be programmed to check if a student meets the relevant subject criteria for Special Programmes.

These students would be considered to have submitted an "Appeal Application" by choosing to continue and submitting the application.

Appeal applications with merit may be called up for an interview in Nov 2017.

Students who do not meet the criteria for Special Programmes may be admitted into the Special Programmes at the sole discretion of the school.