Instructions for Options Portal (to be updated by Term 3 Week 9)

The following screen shots would show you the steps required for your Sec 3 Options Registration. The registration page can be access on your ISP portal.
Look for the "Sec 3 Options" tab under "Curriculum".

Before you begin, you would be asked to read through an important notice which will serve as a declaration and an agreement to the terms and conditions stipulated for the Sec 3 Options Registration Exercise. You will be asked to enter your contact information.
Registration Declaration.png

Step 1:

You will be asked to declare if you are offering Art Elective Programme (AEP) and Third Language in Secondary 2, and if you wish to continue with them in 2018.
This will impact the allocation of Biology and/or Special Programmes to you. [Refer to FAQ]

Step 1 - AEPTL.png

Step 2:

Choose whether you wish to be considered for a Special Programme.
If you choose "Yes", proceed to the next question.
If you choose "No", please skip to Step 4.

Step 2 - SP.png

Step 3:

Rank the Special Programmes in order of preference (and based on your passion and interest).
Note 1: You are allowed to leave Preference 2 and 3 blank. However, should you not get into your Preference 1, you will remain in the IP stream.
Note 2: If you choose SMTP as one of your Special Programme choices, you will need to indicate the type of research project that you wish to undertake in SMTP.

Step 3.png
Step 23a.png

Step 4:

All students need to indicate their preference for HE and if they wish to offer Biology and/or LC as an additional subject by selecting the appropriate options from the drop-down list.
  • You need to select a minimum of 3, and a maximum of 6 options.
  • Do note that the Humanities department may not be able to allocate the first choice preference for every student.
  • All students, including those that wish to enter the Humanities Programme; and students pending re-examination results for promotion should opt for HE.
  • Students with special requests (eg. to drop Biology if offered Special Programme) should indicate such requests in the "Any other comments/instructions" text box. Please be precise and concise.

Step 4 IHE.JPG

Step 5:

Upon successful completion of your options registration, you will be able to view your selected options in the portal the next time you log in.
You are allowed to amend your options as many times as you wish during the registration period. However, only the last successful registration will be taken into consideration.