Requirements to offer non-CSE LEP as additional subject

Students who are not enrolled in the LEP special programme housed in CSE may opt to offer LEP as an additional subject. i.e. SMTP, BSP, HP, IP (non-CSE) students may apply.

To ensure students are able to cope with the academic demands of an additional subject, the following criteria would be used to determine if a student is eligible to take LEP as an additional subject:
1. Student must have Sec 2 MSG (Academic) of 2.5 or better.
2. Students must have obtained A1 in Higher Chinese and A1 in Sec 2 LEP.
3. Students must not be offering AEP AND any third language.

Important Notice
Students are urged to think carefully if they can spend the extra time and effort to study non-CSE LEP as an additional subject, before exercising their options.

Should a student withdraw from non- CSE LEP in Upper Secondary,
- it will be annotated in his Sec 4 result slip that he did not complete the course
- an administrative fee of $750 may be payable by the student