Structured Integrated Programme (SIP)

To cater to students who thrive in a more structured learning environment, each consortium will house a Structured IP (SIP) class at the Secondary 3 level.
Students in this class are on the IP track, except that their foundational understanding and skills will be consolidated and reinforced.

At the end of Secondary 4. they may choose to either
  • take the 'O' Level examinations or
  • remain in the IP for entry into HCI(College section)

Students may opt to be in the SIP classes if they feel that they are not suited/ready for the IP track. Alternatively, they may be placed in the SIP classes based on their Sec 2 results or upon recommendation by their respective Director of Consortium.

As per school guidelines, a Sec 2 student with MSG (Academic) more than 3.00 will be placed in the SIP.

The students' progress in the SIP classes will be closely monitored. Their suitability to continue on the IP track would be assessed at the end of Secondary 3.

The following diagram shows the available pathways for students in the SIP classes.
Structured IP.png