Special Programmes & Centre for Scholastic Excellence

Special Programmes

Three Special Programmes are offered to Secondary 3 students:

· the Bicultural Studies Programme (BSP),
· the Humanities Programme (HP),
· the Science and Mathematics Talent Programme (SMTP).

Students may enrol in a Special Programme housed in the Centre for Scholastic Excellence (CSE).

Selection criteria for Special Programmes

A student with a strong academic foundation is eligible for a place in the Special Programme if he satisfies the criteria:

Non-programme specific

• Sec 2 MSG (Academic) of 2.0 or better.
• Above the average marks (of cohort) for Independent Studies subject

Programme specific

Bicultural Studies Programme
Humanities Programme
Science & Math Talent Programme

*MSG ≤ 2.0
*Above average marks for Oral Communication & Independent Studies
Higher Chinese A1
Humanities A1
Mathematics A1
& Lower Sec Science A1

English Lang & Literature (ELL) A2
English Lang & Literature (ELL) A1
English Lang & Literature(ELL) A1

Conduct Grade -
Very Good
Demerit Pt < 5

The “A1” requirement refers to both the examination marks as well as overall grade.

A student who fails to meet the above criteria and wishes to join in the above special programmes would have to submit an appeal registration.
Considerations may be given for
· excellent project work (in Secondary 2) and/or
· special talents & achievements related to relevant subjects in the Special Programmes

Shortlisted appeal cases may be interviewed.

Students who do not meet the above criteria may be admitted into the Special Programmes at the sole discretion of the school.
Students who do not complete their Special Programme without valid reasons willhave the annotation "Did not complete XXX Special Programme" inserted into their Sec 4 result slip and may have to pay an administration fee of $750.

  • Secondary 2 students currently in the Art Elective Programme (AEP) may enrol in any Special Programme but need not undertake the research component.
  • All Special Programme students would be placed in CSE classes.