Subject Combination for Upper Secondary

All students are to offer the following subjects in Secondary 3.

  • English (EL)
  • Higher Chinese (HC)
  • Integrated Mathematics (IM) - 2 academic units
  • Chemistry (CH)
  • Physics (PH)
  • Independent Studies (IS)
  • Oral Communication (OC)
  • Humanities subjects:

Non-Humanities Programme students
Humanities Programme (HP) students
Social Studies (SS)
Humanities Elective (HE) - Students are to choose 1 elective from Geography, History or Literature in English or Literature in Chinese and study it for 2 years
Literature in English

In addition, students may also opt to
  • offer Biology (BI) or Literature in Chinese as an additional subject , eligibility to offer these subjects applies.
  • enrol in a Special Programme within the Centre for Scholastic Excellence (CSE).

Students who are placed in CSE are required to offer China Studies in Chinese (CSC).
  • SMTP students will offer Social Economic Studies (SES) in lieu of the HE. CSC grading would be a component of the grade for SES.
  • HP sudents will have the CSC component incorporated into their immersion programme in China.
  • BSP will offer Advanced CSC as an individual subject.

Note: Literature in Chinese may be taken either as an HE or as an additional subject.