Update 2 - 24.10.2012 (Wednesday)

The students were informed of the following points during a briefing session specially held for informing them of the structural changes to Upper Secondary.

a. There would be no IP-Special Programme classes (IP-SP) with effect from the 2013 Secondary 3 cohort.

b. All Special Programme classes would be housed in CSE. There is no change in the eligibility criteria for entry into Special Programmes (ie. follow the criteria given for IP-SP) Read more

c. The establishment of Structured IP classes (SIP classes) in each consortium. The guideline for placing students into SIP classes would be Secondary 2 MSG (Academic) more than or equal to 3. Read more

Update 1 - 11.09.2012 (Tuesday)

The students were informed of the following points at the Sec 2 Assembly briefing:

a. Reverting to use of academic MSG (instead of the 2L4R / 2L5R that was used in the slides for Parents' briefing earlier in the year. 2L4R/2L5R MSG would be implemented for later cohorts).
b. Options restrictions for 3rd Langugage and/or AEP and/or Biology and/or Special Programmes due to time table constraints
c. Consideration of demerit points and conduct grade for CSE entry w.e.f 2013 Secondary 3s